A Summer’s Eve Poem 2016


Sweltering warmth, the sweat on her brow, barefeet, summer’s eve

Writing novels, living romances, the aromatic honeysuckle sways

Torrid senses baking, the rays of sun, beaming on damp flesh

On the gentile porch, Southern columns, historic moments

Gentlemen whose ladies dawned petticoats in late May

Brunette curly tendrils fell on rosy cheeks, is dreamy

Imagining a romantic encounter, that hot afternoon

Dashing Captain Henry, caused his way, riding

Offering the lady, his rearing steed, accepted

Riding through tall grass, hidden, no sight

Lying, lusting, allowing warm seduction

Arousing passions, barding novels

Noetic the frivolous few hours

Being adored by captains

Sensual summers days 

My Henry who equals

Guiltless fantasy

Perfected man

No blushing





©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

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