Sensing God Has a Plan



A warm delightful breeze blew gently on my face ~ When 

swinging from the chair this morning, thus realized

how grateful, I am, to feel God’s presence,  there ~

Becoming, part of his world, part of his plan:

Being one, with all things, connected to all:

The kittens play, the birds tease, the cat who ~

waits for that moment to pounce on prey. ~ I,

understanding nil, God’s cycle of living, dying

questioning the dying, and still asks him, why?

“It is part of the cycle. The life force,” and that’s His

Almighty reply.

Accepting concepts seemingly cruel and harsh

Watching the cat who’s pouncing on the mouse

Wanting to save the creature from terrors of death

Scolding the cat, whom God taught to maim 

“Not to harm the rat!” Despite God’s plan

I can’t watch. My heart hurts. Pain and sorrow

So, I turn my face to the warm breeze

Sitting on the summer swing

Sensing God has a plan

That which I don’t understand

Trusting is the goodness of man


©2016 Bonnie Jennings. Summer Poetry 2016. All Rights Reserved






Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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