July 6, 2016 South Tyler, TX, 2 miles North of Bullard, Tx


July 6, 2016

South Tyler, TX, 2 miles North of Bullard, Tx

A little after 8 pm

SSW moving slowly NNW


A brilliant light in sky

No other stars visible in any part of any of the sky

Caught my sons eyes because it was so brilliant. He’s not a UFO fan…


I took pictures anyway…

These are the same object with different lenses and enlargements…


4 thoughts on “July 6, 2016 South Tyler, TX, 2 miles North of Bullard, Tx

  1. Plus, we searched star walker, and Jupiter was south and would be shinning soon.. This was an incredible light. I wish the cell could or would have picked up the mercury like lights around it… Hard to explain… It was quite a distance away…

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    1. There were no stars even in the Eastern horizon, the darkest part of the sky… The picture, unfortunately, does not capture the absolute brilliance of the light making an aura around it… The lights were silver white… Not only that, it was also spotted in the NW area of Tyler. I searched the web for anyone who saw it and low and behold, one person reported the same light…He asked that I send my pics, I did, he identified that is what he saw. He didn’t take picots but his friend too a video. We exchanged numbers. He’s a chef on Lake Palestine And, three days before this, 50 miles west of me, in Athens TX, the same light was photographed. I saw the pics as I also google UFO in East tex and those cam up…

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