Choeung Ek
The American Killing Field
Selfish rights?

“The right to have men not legislate women’s wombs.”

Fine, but who defends the unborn’s rights?

Usually men, and the majority of those many men don’t stick around to raise the fetuses, feed them, cloth them, or help once older. Most of the men, don’t put them through college.

The point is this:

Fetuses, the unborn, don’t they have rights?

The news and educators tell us to abort because of the expenses that it will cost a country by taking away tax money, would/is enormous.

I agree, but still, there is a problem that is huge. The moral aspect of abortion, haunts many of us. Especially those of us who in times past, suffered under the knife of and abortionist.

I don’t claim any answers, but in my heart, I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, abortions are wrong.

Perhaps the most haunting question is, I want to know, where are the remains of my fetus?

Did you sell them? You never told me. Where are they now? Did someone wear their collagen in make-up or hair products?

I want to know. I have right’s too…

They have their right’s, as well.

I will not go silently into our future…






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