Summer 2016 Before the Election


UFO’s over my house 2014… I believe


Summer 2016 before the election

What election?

They’ve rigged it.

Who are they?

I’m not quite sure, but ~

My heart knows all is not well

Nothing is as it seems.

We’ve been duped


Why vote?

Because you must give an appearance of participation.

They watch and see…



And, the news media

How do they sleep at night?

Adrenalin is hard to tame without Ambien

They take Ambien.


Always waiting for The Next Big Story

They’re ready to pounce

Like hawks on road-kill

Dangling their supper

On televisions every where

Sick. We are sick.

We thrive on gore

We thrive on another’s pain

God forgive our carnivores appetites

We are depraved.

And, I’m no better


I hate the basterds 

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