Calling upon Angels to Help Mankind and Animals, Now




We are sons of God and have been given certain powers through our God. He told us to use the powers to heal, protect, to do warfare, to stand against them, to resurrect the dead, to love despite all things in his name.

Therefore today we seek divine intervention for our world, for our communities, for our loved ones and family, and for those who are sick and are hurt and those that are grieving. We also ask divine intervention or our animals, our streams, our forests and our world, at large.

We call upon God’s angels for help, now.

We’re calling upon Arael or Uriel, the prince angels over people, to help us by guiding us correctly.

We ask Araqiel, who has dominion over our earth, to stand guard, for men and animals  protection.

We demand that Azrael, the archangel of death, rest and leave us for now.

We tell Azriel, the angel of destruction, to leave us.

We ask Balthioul, angel to thwart distress for us, now.

We ask Baruchiel,  to give us power over strife.

We ask Briathos, to thwart the demons, unleashed on us.

We ask to see God, as Camael, chief angel, of powers of the Earth.

We ask Cerviel, the ruler of the principalities, to defend us against those in high places: Governments, rulers, kings and legislators, forces that control the human race, to stand for our needs and protect us.

We ask Emmanuel, to bring God with us. We need our good god.

We ask Halaliel, to forgive our negative karma or our negative reaping and sowing. Any wrongs we have done to others, animals or earth. Any deaths to unborn children, be forgiven, and protected.

We ask Marmaroth  to thwart our fate, though we deserve perhaps worse than we imagined.

We ask Miniel, to induce love of mankind and animals. To stop any suffering from our hands. To stop any abuses we have caused.

We ask Nahaliel to protect our running streams, and help us gain back fresh pure water.

We ask Miniel to induce love of humans, the unborn, children and animals.

We ask Shepherd to bring sorrow and repentance of the acts we have done knowingly or unknowingly. Bring to our minds, the pain we have caused others.

We ask that, both angels, bring us heavenly divine music, Heman and Hermesiel , so we may be blessed with grace, mercy and love of all things great and small.

We ask that God be with us today.


I pray in the name of Yeshua and you may pray or ask in the name of your belief system…

Lets get this going and taken care of…

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me….and you.




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