There Are Times To Ask Angels For Help

My late mother, Babe. She will watch over me




There are times to ask angels for help

So standing in prayer, I address the North

Asking reasons for my birth ~


Summon, Angel Pronoia, who helped make mankind, I ask him, how I was designed?

Perhaps, Pronoia will show me, using a marvelous sign. I pray.


Turning to my West ~

Then, to understand my purpose, summon Angel Haziel whose name means “vision of

God,”and then, what is seen for me? I feel lost and confused on the right path to be.

Perhaps, Haziel, will show me my way.


Looking South ~

Searching for truths, Angel Iaoel, will send a dream or perhaps a vision, of where to be.

And, I will wait in anticipation, for the truths.


Facing West ~

Asking for enlightenment and knowledge, of the right road to travel, ask Angel Barman  the angel of intelligence.

Show me, for without your direction, I will not know the road to meander. My feet are weary for going alone, and, thank you, I know you’ll hand me the formulas.


And please don’t leave me, my wise mother … Help me travel, the road is dusty.








Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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