We’re Captives


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Rhetoric! Over and over again, we hear
The same old arguments, year after year
Fooling around with mankind’s minds
You hide cleverly and can’t be found

The TV newsman reports, as they’re told
Edited, slanted, from whence banks hold
Merely slaves, to things, and slaves, who hear
Lies, tales, agendas, hidden, we’re captives

Sleep if you must, you’re probably ~ better off
Believe the TV bullshit, from comics and lust
Fall into traps, like mines strategically underground
Step on one, break your mother’s back, holy to you ~ not them.

Go to church on Sunday, play their good game
Cause no rifts, nor trouble, don’t question or blame
Follow the pope, Buddha, follow Christ, follow fame
They don’t care, just play, and appear extremely tame.

Raise no hopes, raise no questions, vote for someone
It doesn’t matter, they’re from the same, there’s no freedom
The banks, the educational system, and then there’s ~ medicare 
Look behind the smokescreen, but say, very little, you’re not alone.

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights reserved…

4 thoughts on “We’re Captives

      1. Every darkness has to be first brought to light. It feels like this darkness has been around for a long time and many people just now seeing it. I know I hear a lot more people talking about what used to be only conspiracy theory discussion. At least there’s evidence of that change. I have to still believe in miracles. Love, Debra

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