Recognizing Soul Gifts as a fellow enchanting blogger


Soul Gifts 

And this Sunday morning, I want to recognize another WordPress blogger who’s page brings so much hope and happiness. She likes green and that is one of my favorite colors.

So, I introduce you to the magical wisdom of a WordPress friend, who I know as Soul Gifts, and that is what her page is all about. She resides in Australia.

She will feed your soul and take you to a happy place with all of her poetry and writing. Also, she uses herbal remedies and essential oils to heal.



Two links to her page are:


Thank you for bringing to others healing by your words and wisdoms.



4 thoughts on “Recognizing Soul Gifts as a fellow enchanting blogger

  1. Wow! i am rendered speechless. May I simply say thank you from the very bottom of my joy filled heart 🙂
    May your path be strewn with star light, the angels walk beside you and the Music of the Spheres fill your Soul with song.

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    1. Thank you too… Yes, make my path filled with the beams of stars…. Your recognition was well over do… There are so many wonderful bloggers and you are one of them… May the stars guide you in sleep and rest as the sun sets in Australia… Thank you

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