About Moi! The Bio of Bonnie Jennings

Mimsi Flowers and Notions

“Stop! Faeries or fairies, for those with vision and fancy only. The serious minded, NEED NOT ENTER. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.” Bojenn (moi)


Welcome! By the way this is where you should feel welcome. So, why should you read my blog? Well, why not? You’ve read other’s. So, come on inside and fly with me as I tell you, why.

I wrote my serious bio and here it is as follows… I had written a sillier one, but decided to become more engaged in my writing as I’ve just completed a second novel….

The Bio of Bonnie G  Jennings or Bojenn

Bonnie Jennings was born in New Orleans, LA, USA and from there she moved with her family to several different paces, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana again, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Atlanta Ga, Miami and Ft Lauderdale Fl and…

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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