King Narcissism brought down Bambies Mother 

The following year he killed Bambi
Loving animals why do they want to harm or kill a precious creature?

Animals morn too

1) The day my dog Little Jo died. Me holding him as his spirit leaves. 

2) the others morn that day 

3) Shelley Cannon Fredrick paints a water color of Jo 

4) Cat Bops and Javi grieving 

5) I’m comforting Javi. Really he’s comforting me 

4 thoughts on “King Narcissism brought down Bambies Mother 

  1. YES – these animals have feeling, everything has feeling. On my parents farm, one cow dropped her calf above a ridge to a creek and the calf slid down and died. The mother stood there for days, and all the other cows stood with her bellowing. Cows aren’t animals I excepted to show such emotion. I’m so sorry for your loss. Debra

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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