The Synopsis of The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmothers, Witches and Angels



The Synopsis of  
The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmothers, Witches and Angels  
By Bonnie Jennings


Elizabeth Catherine Dubois, known as ‘Cat,’ had a quest. It was to find peace from haunting memories, disturbing dreams, visions of a boy, hateful people and lastly, from self loathing. The answers to prayers did not come until later at forty-five. Meanwhile, from a child with the gift of healing to adulthood, she slowly lost all beliefs in any magic. Cat was bullied, whispered about and labeled “a witch” by “good Christian people.” So, In anger of rejection she opened the door for demonic influences. Her forgotten prayers, and memories were answered when Eleanor, her supernatural guide comes for a visit with her two partners, Tadhg, and ‘His Glove’ a black dog.


“And, the universe truly begun with a bang. A bang of enlightenment and beginnings with which there is nothing that one could compare,” Michael said. “The human eye and mind are not capable of seeing or understanding the magnificent explosion of an idea. The idea came from freedom and liberation that containes an equation of numbers. Then are set free to take life and flight into reality. Just like an engineer figuring on a draftsmen table, so was the beginning. Lights, camera, and action took to motion. Spinning in a mathematical, vibrational symphony of algebraic equations, it all started. Geometric designs formed. The orchestra was led by God himself. He was the mastermind; the grand designer of all this. Isn’t it wonderful?”


So it is with heartwarming stories, that speak of stories  within stories and use metaphors, allegories and similes to transfer a message to the reader, so it is with this one. The Universe and/or God hears and responds to human petitions. Thus our fairy godmothers, guides, witches or angels come to help us by riding on the winds of our prayers, petitions, conjuring and beliefs.



About the Author 

My name is Bonnie Jennings and I was born October 9, 1952 in New Orleans, La. from there my family moved to several different places: California, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana again, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Miami and Ft Lauderdale Florida and I now reside in The Piney Woods of East Texas. I have travelled to South America on three occasions and also to Europe visiting France, England, and Italy. I studied Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon, UK. I also spent the summer of 1969 in Beckington, England while attending summer school.


My father’s name was Jim, he was a mechanical engineer, and designed rockets and solid rocket boosters, and Babe, my mother, was educated in bookkeeping and history. Both parents were magical in delightful ways and helped me expand my curiosity about many things. My father, Jim, taught me about the constellations at a young age. He was a navigator on a bomber in WWII. He also knew the basics of astrology, mythology and The Bible. From a young age I became consumed with astrology, mythology, religions, Christianity, Gnosis or Gnostic Christianity and other esoteric beliefs. I wrote poetry as a young girl and also short stories. I have had experiences with attending exorcisms and was taught about spiritual warfare. My mother, Babe, had a unique love for books, politics and traveling. I travelled with her to South America and to Europe on many occasions. These two people were the foundation for creating my love for the stars, astrology, mythology, religion, and sciences.


I have two children from my second marriage, Elysia Charity Elrod and Joel Jennings Warne. They taught me some of life’s greatest lessons. Elysia reminds me of how I taught her to find wild berries that were good to eat and how to recognize the poisonous ones. When she was a child I taught her to see beyond the fabrics of living things, such as leaves or flowers and see the intricate life force. And, Joel, my son, also an aspiring writer, writes stories of intrigue and mystery. Elysia was responsible for the first edit of this book. They both are the brilliant blooms in my life. Carol, my older sister was my support person for the dramas and traumas that would haunt me and my family, for years. Carol got me through the rough places and also, Kent, Carol’s husband was always there, as well.


From the 1972 to 1988, I worked as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, traveling this country and, when possible, the world. I think of my life as both cursed and greatly blessed. I’ve learned that, for those who look, from the ashes of tragedy, often rise great blessings. After ending my career as a flight attendant, amidst sometimes abusive marriages, I became a registered nurse. I worked as a medical RN for 8 years and then specialized in psychiatric care for the past 14 years. While disenchanted with that line of work, I am eternally enchanted by every chance to aid in the health and wellbeing of a patient in a holistic framework.


I began writing my first novel in 1998 and completed it in 1999 named ZETA, The Thiefilyite, a science fiction novel, for which I never received credit because the original manuscript was lost in a house fire in 2000, along with all my other worldly possessions. But from that loss, as is the case with every other, I learned. I perfected my writing skills, I challenged myself every day, keeping a poetry blog, writing short stories and entering them into online social networking groups and contests. I enjoy writing and have done so nearly every day.


To me, thoughts are like visitors. If you observe them, listen to them, in their infancy, they will carry you into their journeys, their stories, their novels, and their poetic adventures. Perception will take you to places, to emotional experiences and to the completion of their stories. And added with our own experiences, and the collaboration with creative thoughts, comes the manifestation of a written work. That is what I tried to do with The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmothers, Witches and Angels. Each character, situation, page and chapter has a significant relevance to my life and I hope you, too, will find relevance, for the characters, in your own lives.















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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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