Good Night Poetry to Jacob (My grandson)

Good Night Poetry to Jacob (My grandson)



Standing on a platform
Somewhere between awake and sleep
Jacob spreads his arms, as if, to leap
Taking the plunge to somewhere else
Refreshing the body, refueling self
And over the treetops Jacob flies
The air so pleasant, as he passes by
And up and away to The Milky Way
Zooming pass stars into outer space
The boy can fly, using utter grace
And you can too, if you spread your wings
Onto that platform, ready? One, two, three
And off you go to where your dreams be
Up over Mars and flitting to and fro
And soon, it’s time to come back home, so ~
Carefully landing as your travels are unknown
Now your ready for living the human dream
And when night time comes ~
Say goodbye to day
And lift your wings
Taking you to play
Where you yearn and learn and often pray



Goodnight 𝔍acob 

Love, Mimsi    K♣️

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “Good Night Poetry to Jacob (My grandson)

                  1. This trecena has been about realizing dreams or finding them. It’s interesting to see dreams playing out at the olympics – such a good demonstration of people who believed in and sought their dreams with a great deal of passion. Our next trecena is led by Wisdom/CIB – the old ones. Here we will draw wisdom from our ancestors and also work to release ourselves and others from past mistakes so we can move forward… about forgiveness of our selves and others. Perhaps we will see the world looking at what worked in the past, or returning to old ways and maybe we’ll see a greater sense of forgiveness and unity. 🙂

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