The Maritime Capsizing


The Brave Men

**** I realized later after writing this poem, that I was grieving for my home state of Louisiana, my family, friends and their animals… My heart is heavy and this poem is dedicated to those also in Mississippi, Alabama and the Gulf Coast of The USA…




Capsizing ~

The vessel and cargo mostly lost at sea
Still flying, an American flag could thus be seen
The storm, not perfect God, not by, any means
Men fell overboard and were lost, you see.
A merchant vessel of Marines, their things
Later washed to shore with no human beings
A sad day for any Love of God, bare witness
Contemplating the bravery these men had
Yesterday, so perfect, the day of the storm
By afternoon, men met its raging fury
And all thats left, after the waves
A vessel capsized to shore
Laying sideways 
In small waves
No men







©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved



Thank you, Pixabay for the images

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