T I’s, Targeted Individuals


What does this mean, targeted individuals? 


Go against some people in power, become a whistleblower, stand up for ethical beliefs and see what happens. 

If the subject in question has enough influence financially and politically than the whistleblower might become a TI.


Any other words, piss off city hall…. And watch what happens. 


This link below is about whistleblowers and how they became targets. 


Karen Stewart
NSA veteran,  28 years of service


David Voigts
Naval Academy Graduate, Former Officer


Dr. John Hall
Practicing Physician


Renee Pittman
Human Rights Advocate, Author


Doug Rokke, Maj. (Ret.), PhD
Retired US Army Officer, PhD in Physics


Dr. Daniel Lebowitz
Former FFCHS Board Member, Practicing Physician


Paul Batcho, PhD
Whistleblower, Former DARPA Scientist


Dr. Nicholas Begich
Researcher, Author


Dr. Terence Robertson
Activist, Practicing Physician


Barrie Trower
Physicist, Royal Navy Veteran







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