Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment

I’VE BEEN WRITING ABOUT WHISTLEBLOWERS TODAY AND ~ What happens to them is not nice; especially if it involves the government.


This reblog is the story of a women in Florida who worked for the government (NSA).


The link below will take you to the original blog.



NSA Whistleblower Wrongfully “Baker-Acted” by Florida Sheriff’s Department After Providing Hard Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen      



by Ramola D, with Karen Stewart/Includes information provided by Julianne McKinney, Cait Ryan, Deborah A. Weber, Paul Gaubatz/Photos by Karen Stewart, except as noted/Posted 8/5/2016 NSA Whistleblower and 28-year Intelligence-analyst veteran Karen Stewart was recently wrongfully and deceptively “Baker-Acted” in Leon County, Florida, by local Sheriff Mike Wood’s department, after emails and reports she made […]

via NSA Whistleblower Wrongfully “Baker-Acted” by Florida Sheriff’s Department After Providing Hard Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

23 thoughts on “Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment

    1. There are only a few of us that believe this actually occurs. Most Americans believe the USA is continues to be governed by honest morale people. Most Americans believe the elections still count and are decided by the people…. I for one believe whomever is elected is allowed because a power much greater than we could ever imagine is behind many conspiracies. Those of us that are off their grid of believing the way they have programed us is targeted… Similar to The Matrix….. People are blind unless it happens to them. They think TI’s are crazy and that is just what they in high places want others to think… The general mass can’t believe. They have been veiled with deceptions… The news for one, and they are huge deceivers of the masses.

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        1. And why people can’t see it is amazing. I think they don’t want to see it or know… I must go to work in a few minutes… Have a great day and we will chat soon…


              1. Yes, I am being forced to get some help from my family. I do not know where I can go for some positive feedback, like outpatient facilities, or someone that I can trust. The screws are being tightened on me and I am having strong V2K and I think I am being experimented on with cloaking Technology. I have one person that I can absolutely trust in my area, and she is a TI as well. Anything would be of assistance, and greatfuly appreciated.

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                1. Go on and be evaluated…. Let them give you something to calm down… The truth will remain in you. No one can take the knowledge from you if you are being targeted…. Have it checked out friend… Get something to calm down… Are you with the government? They usually hit on government employees before anyone else…


                    1. It will be temporary… Take some of the paranoia away… And I do relate and understand what it feels like as my son went through it and is still having to sue The City of San Fransisco…. It all started when he was with the government and sued Hilary Clinton and won…His problems began then…

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                    2. Just remember this. Psychotic people never question their sanity, but rational people ask, “Am I crazy? Am I missing something?” Although the majority of hospital staff do NOT know about TIs, a OTSD physician should. You ask for a military psychiatrist. Them don’t trap their reports… but just rest. Take a breather and rest your mind. I do understand. We have purchased all the little gadgets that tell us this and that… Take it easy. Know that I do understand and first of all, want you to rest… Then, pick it up again….


    2. BTW… research, fetal parts from abortion prices on the black market. Who do you supposes is behind the making of money from the deaths (massive in The USA) of the unborn? What evil was behind this and promotes abortion?

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  1. I am a targeted individual living in Houston, TX. Im not sure when I became one but I’ve known since February. It truly is a living hell…the organised gang stalking, community bullying and so on. I also feel that I am exposed to V2K and direct energy weapons.

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