The Watchers, from Reptiles





The Watchers, from Reptiles

Ariel, “Lion of God,” Angel of Protection, I sought defense
From The Watchers who seek his life
They who tell tall-tales
Those ~ who honestly lie
They who hide in high places
Whose eyes ~ I see in my prayers
The watchfulness of his enemies
They are the ones to whom men fear
Men who hide in politics
Men who work in towers
Women who are, as watchers
Women who shed no tears
But know, I see your child
Who plays, as if, there’s no bleakness
Who plays with The IVY League
Who hasn’t seen the grief you’ve bled
On the innocent law abiding heads
Who are braver than the young of watchers
Who hide in crystal castles
And in prayer, I see your slit corneas
I see the evil behind your clean face
I call on the forces of God’s angels
To smite you while you chase
The innocent of God’s beloved
The child of my womb
For the prayers of mothers are strong
To defeat the enemy within
Hiding in high places
Cowards behind reptile skin
For you are evil demons
Devils who’ve not fallen from grace
Protected by laws most accommodating
Of reptiles who run a race
But, I see you lurking in shadows
You, who don’t know grace
Come out! For The Day of Judgment
Awaits your lies and disgrace
Who deceived the child of God’s
Who placed you in your place
Yet, truthfully we know you hold the cards
It is because of dishonest works
You are pitiful on The Day of Judgment
May you cry int the presence of The Lord
And, I will not raise my fist
I will withhold my curses
There will be no need
To seek vengeance, I look at your face
God’s Grand Jury will try your case
The angels will encircle your pride
And cleanse you from your filth
And replace your dirty rags
Oh, Ariel, “Lion of God,” Angel of Protection,
sought defense
And you came to be by our sides.
©1016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

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