Poetry for Cancer Awareness





Like poetry the stone bridge jumped the water
A slow meandering creek met a silent pond
Where Lilly pads grow and goldfish hover
In the heat of mid-simmer just dangling along
Sweltering humidity and the air so thick and still
No birds sang, though crickets heard kwerpinking
Rubbing their knees in the warmth of trees
But taking my pad of paper and stylets
Drew the sumptuous foliage in the park
With ivy on the trees and red rocks displayed
But, drawing it in black and white
For reasons well purposed.
For those with cancer
Find health in the future
The best of health to all of you.
May the pharmaceuticals allow us the cure…




There seemed a lonely road before her

A bench of reflections and pondering

And she visited that bench during winter

Then walked that road of fear and dread

No one held her hand as she stood wobbly

At the door of uncertainty and starred at ~

The fate before her, perhaps one of ceasing

And what of her children and her dog and ~

What of the life she dreamed of? But, nothing

Really mattered now, she must pass the test ~

That threshold alone. Would she die or live ~

This is the door of uncertainty. The cancer drug 

Is horrible, it’s poisoning the rest of her bones.

So she waits sitting on the bench just thinking ~

As she walks that lonely road again and again

Until she, God and fate determine her destiny 

So she walks the mortal road alone.



6 thoughts on “Poetry for Cancer Awareness

        1. Well, I’m sending love back at you! 💜💜 We actually have been doing challenges on A Poets Haven using images of black and white. It makes it easier to have the pictures to write off of…

          Liked by 1 person

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