Manifesting, Supernatural Warfare



Year 2012 in Spring I took this picture from my iPhone. The image was found accidentally as I was photographing our bonfire


Manifesting, Supernatural Warfare the Elements of, and things to remember when you battle.


There are 4 things that imperative for doing spiritual warfare and they are:

One: Keep your eyes set on your purposes. In other words see your desired end result in your mind, heart and creative imagination. Do not waver, even if you become afraid. God expects us to be afraid as this is human. Fear s not a sin in itself, but it is a learning tool used to prepare you to stand before your enemy/crisis. We all have fears though some humans are more anxious and fearful than others and though’s people are “seers.” They see things before it happens. Are they always right? No, but they are sensitive to the outer vibrational forces that might be threatening the surroundings or environment. Their mission is to put their seeing and sensitivity in check so they can achieve the mission.


Two: Believe beyond a shadow or doubt. They can not be swayed against their foresight. Without belief “It is impossible to please God.” What ever your dream, vision, desire, heart’s desire one must believe. “You have not because you ask not.” You must ask and believe with a plan otherwise chaos will manifest. Have a plan or course set before God.


Three: Before you begin, pray your prayers of protection over you. This should be number one, but you must have a plan before you begin. Pray over your plans and the initiation of the plans. Always be on high alert. Use love and peace that increases the vibration quantum force of your speaking forth of your plan. Anger and fear are strong but you will create better success using love and peace even in front of your enemies. However, there is a time to yell and scream. It’s not a total rule out. 


Four: Know that you have weapons given to you by God and they are not carnal. These gifts can pull down mighty strongholds. You must believe (number two) and you must know and understand that you are worthy of these gifts. God gave them to you. There are no men “worthy,” don’t you know this? Now, you must believe he gave you the power to become The Sons of God. USE THE GIFT! It’s yours. God said so. 


Make it so captains!

Have a splendid day soldiers of the supernatural!




In The name of my Lord Yeshua here are reminders he’s taught me.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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