The Highway To Heaven

The Future
I understand parts of astrology
I do not use it to predict futures,
But use it to see energy that influences environments
and the history where we emerged



Under the sun of Libra, I was born
October the 9th, like J Lennon and K Osborne
Creative energy came our way doggone
But each determined the history we bayed
In the eastern sky Sagittarius
That determines the real me, to others
And my nodes north and south
Determine where I’ve been, and where going
Is this the heavenly highway of stars?
Did God leave a roadmap to follow?
Never giving power to fate
But giving allegiance to that overcome
And follow a system and influence
Of Godly knowledge and intuition
A gift given to investigators
Hunches, mysteries to lead, to follow
And where are we on the cycle?
Have we been and played the game?
Are we destined to fight a war?
Or are we to succumb to peace?
I look at the stars and see a pattern
I look and know there is more knowledge
And men corrupted by Holy Wars
For control of the masses, so absurd
But, under the canopy of the the sky
I feel a magic, can’t be denied
And God led me here, when just nine
And now sixty-three, almost sixty-four
Denied the stars and their leadings
To take on control and legalisms
But have come home where most happy
Finding God under the canopy of Heaven


Image may contain: 1 person
Somethings need pondering…
(Imagine yourself on a swing flowing back and forth)
With each movement back and forth
Energy moves building between swinging depths
Negative / Positive with each passing sway
Creating a force controlling no boundaries
Is she happy? Is she sad?
This determines the lightening bolt rods
She creates energy that creates power
She is the vessel singing glory
And the fairy lights light passes
Tingling bursts of magnetic energy
But the common denominator is this
The mood she has directs the force
And we are witches that make
The forces the energy the occurrence
We are God’s sons the engineers
Of where the swinging makes flowers
Or where the swinging creates terrors
So make your world beyond belief
Swing as high, your soul takes
But if swinging low, beware mistakes

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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