Cat Stevens ~ Sing it Again…. Please



And what kind of world will we choose
And what kind of friends do you love
And as the USA debates happen soon
What are we as people, what do we mean?

Are we reserved and conservative?
Are we loving and desire goodness for all?
Are we to be used and abused
Or are we to stand independently tall?

So confused about where we’re headed.
The turning point is ~ now

Don’t vote slothfully 
Be careful who you choose
Our nation under seige
Our nation so defused
Don’t be led by any news

I don’t know. I’m so torn about you and me.
I don’t want my dark friends to hurt
I want my pale friends to smile
I want to see my multi colored friends laugh

I hate saying, “She’s black.”
I hate saying, “She’s white.”
Both are lies created by the media

The truth is your kind of pink
And I’m somewhere tanned, I guess.

Giving is more glorious
It’s because I love you

And standing up for self is valiant

So what kind of world shall we choose?

Do you love me too? 
I ask because there are enemies.


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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