A Sonnet of Autumns Gifts


A Sonnet of Autumns Gifts

The spirit said, “Isn’t it time for autumn’s glow?
Why do you hold onto the warmth of summer’s love?”
Startled by the interrogation thought amused, but was so
Holding to moments, words, reflections, golds and doves
“And isn’t it true when the clouds overcast the sky
To those who write, who draw, who tell tales emerge?
Yet, in summer, the activities lure the artists follies, neigh?”
Procrastinating the words that must come, it does urge
T’is known, when the snakes retreat, and the bear hibernates
And fires images that dance in your thoughts and you scry
Know too well, the time to create has come and arrived
Thus open the doors and welcome inside
Oh, my love of design and writing, how I’ve missed you
That only autumn’s falling golden hues graciously gift
©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved
Thank you Alan Boyles for the free stock image

42 thoughts on “A Sonnet of Autumns Gifts

          1. It is not that bad. There is one valley in Austria that doesn’t see a single ray of sun all year. They help out with mirrors. But usually you have sun from the morning until the evening depending on the season. In summer sun rises before 5 am and sets around 10 pm. In winter it is about 8 am until 5 pm. It just depends if there is the peak of a mountain in the way. But basically it is not so bad.

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            1. It sounds lovely. Like a fairy tale… I spent a Christmas in Vienna by myself one year (1970’s) when I was a flight attendant… It was marvelously lonely. I went to the opera, ate alone, shopped and met some passerby’s… All in all, it was a fond memory.

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              1. I was born in 1970, so funny! I am happy you liked it. Actually I don’t live in Vienna. I live at the other side of the country over the border in Liechtenstein. That is between Austria and Switzerland within the alps. It is about 500 miles away from Vienna. But lately I started visitin my hometown more again. I am proud it is my origin!

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                1. LOL… (Not to sound like a know it all) Yes, I knew this about Liechtenstein, but I didn’t realize that it was that far of a distance… Now, I know… Again, your home sounds amazing… Very inspiring.

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                    1. And you are getting the correct results? That is interesting. Just to make sure to have the correct weight I just checked the net: 1 lbs is exactly 0.453592 kg – so not even half a kilo. But perhaps you meant it the other way around like: 1 kilo is about 2 lbs. That would make sense.

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