Ode To Autumn



Ode To Autumn

Oh beauty, laden with bountiful brilliant leaves 

With the warmth dwindling living dying, watch

As if fainting from the living should be hallowed

Yet, thrilled by the colors greater than imagined

And we sing songs as if we’re native Indians

Around the campfires we celebrate by dancing

Guitars resound gypsy rhythms, embers popping

Yet the blossoms of summer fade from our thoughts

How we forget the suns warmth and green green grass

Seasonal birds sing from leafy trees and telephone wires

And summer sang it’s beauty songs while kicking sand

Short shorts and tank tops accentuated clad bodies

And the radio was loud and years later deafened ears

Oh but burning leaves and roasting smores

Kicking leaves, raking them in piles for the dogs

Throwing straw and bobbing for carnival apples

Riding the ferris wheel while gripping our sweaters

Soon the charade of monster masks and witches

The Pilgrims, corn, cranberries and a huge Thanksgiving

Family friends, wine, and mashed potatoes and veggies

Then fairy lights adorn Christmas trees and shopping

Oh fall, how I adore your greatest offerings

Yet some die, to give others this blessing



©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Thank you Pixabay for the free stock mage

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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