Green Cloaks



Green Cloaks

Deep within a wooded forest forbidden

Dwelled animals and foliage overridden

Tucked inside a dense leafless thicket

A mirror found and many mole-crickets

Lost, meandering from the baron canyon

She came upon the mirror abandoned

Tempting was her lonesome sad image

She stared inside the deflective finish

The picture evolved to an idyllic berth

Suddenly an inviting thought unearthed

An invitation whispered, “Step across.”

The maiden did just that, into the gloss

Stepped upon the tender green moss

On the other side, toward entering Oz

Placing her green hood over her head

The damp drizzle and dank new forest led

To the site, that must be virginally read

And off she went, with her cape overhead

The fair maid found her home up ahead

And lived forever within a fairytale 


©2016 Bonnie Jennings All  Rights reserved

Image from BeverlyMyers Yeomans

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