Following Fire





The Messengers threw a fire trail

It halted at my barefooted toes

Sitting on the damp dirt, shoes

To wear upon my bare feet

Once the shoes so perfect

Were placed and bound neatly

The trail of fire light glowed deep

Come this way, it summoned

And what was I to do?

I then followed the path that eve

In the fog of midnight dew

And came to a council

Of fairies dancing 

Within the hollowed trees

And given brew to sip then drink

Forgetting all earthly things

And stories and mysteries

They spoke of so I could hear

Asked me to record the myths

Of fairies and the way

Life in the hollows use to be

Awakening later where no signs

Of fairies, fires or brew

Wondered home lingering

Asking was I dreaming

Or delusional in my sleep



©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Photo from A Pets Haven on FB hosted by Alan Boyles

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