Sparkles of Moon beams float within the lights

Watching them dangle and separately connect

Through the window at the hour of midnight

What do you mean, and what, dare you ask?

Have you a message thats lingering until ~

I recognize and know my place on Earth,

Or are you here to delightfully play ~

Within the shadows of stolen nights-day?

My vision follows your uncertain paths

Why are you here, and what is my task?

You’re whispering movements to the north

Henceforth seeing harbingers messages birth

Stories discerned clearly not yet understood

Back and forth, the sparkling dust yield sways

A path to ascend, going this way and that, mistook

How shall I know, this road to travel, I say uninsured

Thenceforth, show yourself and birth this wispy trail

Until then, might I rest my eyes from lack of the details

©2016 October, Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

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