Oh harbingers of earthly perdition

You raise the voice on a cursing mission

Screaming that your ways are only right

Have you no mercy, on children of light?

And do you speak from God’s authority

Messages of a path of superiority, a sorority

Are you of certainty, you heard that correctly

Yes, your finger wags and labels indirectly

Demanding that only you are truthfully informed

Yet your heart is dark and seems malformed

Like others, unhealed and with broken trust

Healing from Scheol joining this human thrust

Family, church, smiling covering masks, untruths

So you’ve instructed from our youths

Blatantly innuendos whispered judgments

Condemning saints, labeling them “witches.”

Burning the ego in flames at Salem

Judicial decisions directed by Satan

And the voices will continue to avail him

As long as hatred has place in God’s kingdom

The voices will kill mankind, and it smiles

Mission accomplished, and without a just trial


Image from Pinterest

©2016 October, Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

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