Old Luna

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Gazing at the heavens and The Moon as if I knew it well

Oh Moon, how I’ve pondered the mysteries they tell all

Of you, and how you cause havoc in psych wards and in births

And still I must admit, your large appearance alters my gist

Of this and that, and how I feel or how I don’t 

Whether anger, madness, happiness or nothing 

I feel that I know you somehow….As if you’re a mother

Going through menopause once a month, not a day

Thank God, for his mercies from women like you

Hormonal moons and galaxies too

Cause lunatics to howl, winds to blow

And you old girl, old craziness, Luna full and you glow

Beware tides, beware waters, beware blood

In torrential hurricanes, tsunamis emotions flood



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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