The Forest of No Return: Black Friday



The Forest of No Return





T’was on a ‘Black Friday’ that decisions led 

Me ~ to a place of utter foreboding and dread

And fore me, the black forest bestowed options

Should one enter into the pitfalls of shopping

Ordinarily, the forest foreshadowed nightmares

However warring over things ~ software ~ warfare

So ~ You see

The cold frigid jungle, lonely from human sprees

Seemed more inviting than fighting lowly fees

And the snow pristine and virginal

Took my comfort, thus I entered ~ worshipful



©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

Photo from Pinterest


  • Note: ‘Black Friday’ in The USA is a shopping day when prices are cut drastically (in some cases) and people wait in lines long before the stores open. Sometimes they pitch tents and gather the night before to enter the stores first.
  • I won’t do that… Too cold and crowds are unbearable

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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