Gloomy Skies and Writing





Titter titter titter ping-dink

The pitty-pats of tinkling drops

Gloom and doom clouds touching terra

Just listening from the window ~ they clang


The vacuum of the rain’s spirit

Invites me to a journey within

Resisting desires to run and play

Being hypnotized by the droplets array

Its own music, rhythms and time free


The droplets and the clouds

Synchronize their own melodic orchestra

Being dazzled by the hypnotic tunes

And noticing the amber clouds at midday 

Take the pen and paper

Writing lyrics to the gloomy day


The droplets have a job

A mission of their own

They transport thoughts to another place

Perhaps somewhere back in time.


Soup is on the stove

I learned this from my mother

“Always have a chicken handy

For rainy gloomy skies”


The poor chickens feed our comforts

During cold and grey days

“Put the tea on, in the kettle ~

And brownies in the stove,

Perhaps you might have company,”

During gloomy afternoons…










Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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