I See The Moon’s Shadowy Light



I see the moon’s shadowy light
As of memories, it tells of a cast
Cold somewhere rain and dew
Tinkering thoughts and distant pasts
And in the comfort of my being
Looking through ancient crystal glass
Seeing the clouds shape silhouettes
The Scottish castles and Highlander’a ride
Closely I examine; so perplexed
This time was a millennium away
Haunting dreams, while I lay awake
Remembering a love, passed that day
The aromas of an era, of a man
So distant and vague the visions dash
Each night I watch the shadowy moon
A story of a distant path I’ve known
I hear a voice that makes me cry
A message of a love gone-by
And ghostly different and far away place
Knocking gently, opening a passageway

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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