My first poem of 2017 1.1.2017







Oh, The Heavens

Delightfully The Heavens summon me

to dance with the light beams of The Moon

How mystically you sparkle stretching your arms

embracing the evening of our enchanting Rhumba 

You take my breath away using your brilliance

dancing we join the vibrating cosmos

The curtain begins to lower in The West

and holding hands we bow in reverence

Until later ~ We wave goodbye

And then, the curtain of The East arises

The Sun makes its entrance while birds sing

When by evening the lights lower

The Sun bows and bids adieu

And you ~ Mr. Moon will wane for awhile 

I will think fondly of the dance we had

Then, when you begin to wax, once again

I’ll awaken waiting to Rhumba ~ untamed

Until then ~ 

The Sun, takes lead and grasps my hand

K♣️ BJ


Happy New Year 2017… May you write excellently, as you’ve never done before….




Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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