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Good morning all…!    Happy New Year 2017


I hope everyone had an excellent New Years weekend. I did…. I danced with my friend to Lord Flatly’s River Dance… This time I didn’t wear my tap shoes because the risk of slipping down, like last time, was too great. Dang, I really bruised my body after taking a huge fall while tapping a while back.

Anyway, it was fun because I wrote poetry all day yesterday and was so inspired by a book of poetry that caught my eye, that belonged to my late mother. When I opened her book, many of her notes where she tucked them into pages began to fall out and loose their spots. So, I struggled to keep them just where she had placed them. I tried to read her scribbled cursive, but much of it made no sense to me… But, I’m so thankful for her gift to me on New Years Day. I felt she was telling me to dig deeper. Go farther than I’ve ever gone before. I felt she was telling me to write allegories and metaphors that a few would smile and understand… 

Oh what a blessing to spend the day with mom and her book of poetry.
What an inspiration to me, she was while I was a child. She gave to me the gift of loving poetry. And also, St. Vincent’s Academy for Women taught me to love literature and poetry. My hats off to Sister Fabian Rose (I think that was her name). 

Well, the purpose of my note is to tell you about a page that I created a year or so ago on FB. I created the page for children and their art and poetry. I’m not a manager, but I am a teacher and a good encourager. My goal is to make a safe place for children to write. Especially home-schooled children, children of all faiths, children from all countries in hopes to bring the children of our world to an understanding that we are much alike. Poetry has a way of uniting souls as well as art. 

For these reasons this page was created and is rated “G” general. All religions are welcome, but no violence, hatred, or erotic material will be tolerated. No cursing allowed. Yes, you may write or draw about your faith and you can teach about it, but demanding any position will not be acceptable or tolerated. 

It is my desire, because I work FT and can’t be there all the time, to find someone who will help me look over the page and protect it from pediphyles, predators and abusers. It is also a place that I want the parents to feel welcome to post and to become a part of the page in order to protect their children and other peoples children.

The place that I created for the children is Bojenn’s Treehouse For Poetry and Art @

I need helpers and maybe you have children or grandchildren and you would be willing to watch over the page for predators on occasion, like once or twice a day?


If your able to help please let me know… Thanks!


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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