Are You Able to See

Are You Able to See


So lovely and elegant ~ the garden tea 

It is prepared for the human abductees 

Merely a mirage, a festival adorned by honey bees

Cakes sumptuous, champagne with raspberries 

China cups and saucers and a teapot to match

White linens and lace and a grand wooden chair

The Maidenhair delicately placed with care

A giant mushroom shielding us from the glare

But are you able to see the red-eyed hare?

Looking so intently, as to warn and beware

And asking again, are you able to see?

The time appears at almost nine o’five

The brass stopwatch chimes so to bid our goodbyes

The hare’s eyes turn blood-red with dread

The cake eaten, so we blew kisses farewell

Then like lightening, waved bye-bye and fled

As the hare wasn’t friendly ~ no more! Run!

K♣️ BJ 2016< strong>Thank you Pinterest for the image<<<<<<<

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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