Reverence Peace Awe Small Humbled Standing



Reverence Peace Awe Small Humbled Standing

More stars than the sands on a shore
Lasting and growing vacuuming infinity
The greatest quest is to know and see
What is beyond where my eyes perceive

Surely there is a beginning and an end
Will I see and partake beyond fleshly men
To travel faster than the speed of light
See The Milky Way and ride Halley’s Comet
Visit where men pray there’s a God

And ever return home for mom and dad
Are they heaven bound or universal spirits
These answers of questions, will I know?
Find peace on Earth and love of dogs
A place free from hatred and eating flesh 

Oh God tell me, is there such a place




Video version… It’s so beautiful Thank you Tulika Gugar, Alan Johnson, Al Johns, and Deborah Brooks… I cried…..



K  BJ 1.7.17                                                                                                                                                                            🚀📡🔬 👽🕒🌀♃†⚖⚛∞

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