February Love Poems 2017 🌹


February Love Poems 2017 🌹


This poem is a little jaded… I can’t apologize… its where I’m at when I think of love…

Struggling to find my emotions about love

Must confess, I don’t see whats all the fuss

Examining others, who declare their passions

Scrutinize, doubt, bah-humbug ~ a wannabe

Merely a facade, a poisons tree

Never existed ~ you see.

Enraptured lovers grabble intimately

Erotic moments, fleeting, bequeathed

Passions of fire, flames from desires

Consequences, scenes, episodes ~ “au revoir.”

And occasions of raptures upon green meadows

Understanding these rendezvous were eros

Asking again, what is truelove

After the season of passions

Remains the idea, “how to get rid of”

Love doesn’t grow from the seeds of lust

Only infants, and children and a sad family life

Teaching the young androgens lessons

Proofing the courses and coaching hormones

Instructing the usage of birth control

Keeping the knees together tightly bound

Taking the ‘Phallus Willie’ to the red lights

Instead of young Susie who thinks you love her

But it was your prostaglandins and testosterone that beds

Loving lies caused Susie to spread her legs

And this was never love dear teenage mother

Perhaps you forced what was never there

That seed of a child made your bed

And yes you love the “gift from God”

However, that is love, oh young bride

However, Phallus Willie, had other quests

And the older he gets, he seeks truelove ~ yes

It’s the love from God that untangles this mess 🌹


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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