February Love Poems 🌹


Love ~ 🌹
This ocean called emotions of love and hate
On a journey, given time to navigate this place
Traveling ~ hoping to find a bliss, perhaps a myth
A soulmate, wandering, looking for their mate
The one true love measured by allotted faith
That Earth is always kind and lends us this gift
A season filled ~ with a long lingering bequeathed
Under the stars, under The Moon, under The Sun
Seeking true love while roaming the marketplace
Yet ~ never finding him face-to-face
So ~ I keep wandering the forest ~ Just in case
My eternal soul buds in an herb of his grace
Until that time when we tangle in embrace
I’ll keep meandering the hillside of the human race
Picking flowers whilst singing songs and hymns
Smiling gently for one day ~ you’ll be coming home

Bj The K of ♣️’s Feb © 2017 

I’ll leave the oil burning so you’ll find my way

February Love Poems 🌹

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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