I Dreamed Last Night

I dreamed a prophet dream early this morning (CST USA). I have been having some health issues that have been escalating over the past couple of years.But, my health is not what this story is about, you just need to know a little and where and why this dream came to me last night or early morning.

First of all, I’m nearly deaf and the second condition, I could loose my eye sight in my dominant eye. So, I’ve been worried as it will effect my working ability, my art, and most importantly my writing.

I believe that my superior being was speaking to me and giving me all the reasons why this could happen and should it occur, then know the purpose. There is a powerful reason for this to happen.

My dream: (Part One) Taunting me; were two bullies. They were males. I knew them and recognized them Apparently they disliked me for similar reasons. They accused me of not being perfect, and this and that… The accusations are personal, and not important to write about. Somethings are best left unsaid. However, one had bangs like a woman, like he did in real life, and the other was tall, skinny and had glasses that were thick like coke bottles. They accused me of all the things that in life, I’ve accused myself. Laughing at me, putting me down, they seemed to follow me and gang up on me.  And that is when I decided to confront them in a loving manner, and that is when they changed their tunes.

I discovered they taunted me, because they wanted my attention so much, that negative attention was better than no attention. I never knew how much they longed for me just to be kind.That part ended with me holding them both in a motherly hug.

The morale of that part of the dream was sometimes the things, the negative actions of others and traumatic circumstances that come to us in life, are actually, blessings disguised in our fears. These negatives are meant to teach us a lesson and they won’t leave until we get it, and learn.

(Part Two) LOL… I’m having difficulty remembering part two… Oh, lets see… Okay, now I remember.

The two bullies began to cover my eyesight with a covering that made me blind. I had to trust my once enemies. So, I allowed them to place the cloth over my eyes. That is when I began to feel my world. I had to touch faces in order to recognize and understand. Still unable to hear a bird sing or whispers, and then to add the blindness, my world changed and I began to perceive life and they living in a new way. I could not judge by my eyesight any longer, but only had my hands to feel. I couldn’t judge the world by hearing, because I had to know and perceive the world intuitively. When I learned and discovered my world without hearing and sight, then I truly understood, the spiritual concepts that govern the entire universe.

Morale learned. We judge our space using hearing and sight, but take those gifts away, and we will truly see and know many new concepts.

Wow… I have peace and understanding now… 🌹


©2017 BJ






Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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