My Poetry April 2017


To exist in an attitude of utter tranquility

Must establish contentment while here

Adopt and create quiet amazing gentility

Relishing in the Earth’s treasures endear

Basking in sunlit warmth ethereal Sophia

Laughing midst troubles and cacophony

She is a goddess

That birds should nest in her hands




If you only knew

I am beautiful yes, indeed

A bit disheveled, yes

Perhaps you think, “a mess.”

I’ve seen darkness, true

Think not, I a fool

Young I am, tis right

The war to survive, my plight

And everyday the sun shines

And every night, i lay bound

But, night always goes

And I will escape its woes

Freedom from death and fears I’ve known

But Hell won’t keep me here, oh no

I am strong

I will beat the night

This I know

I will never whine

I don’t have too

I love me

And thats all that counts





Opaline naked luminance amidst amber florals

Sweet orange tendrils and curls hanging lovely

Are you lost my dear among the lusty maples

Au natural barefooted exposed skin red snarls

Madness perhaps psychosis overwhelmed you

Been damned and unsaved fair headed damsel

Bewildered or bewitched, they’ll judge you, ey

Come in to cover your genital suggestiveness

A Scarlett Letter will be placed upon your chest

Come out of the fields of bondage your highness





Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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