Tadhg Poetry




Clashing banging rumbling from skies

Flashes of lights evoke my wary eyes

The window shades slam and bam

Awakening ethereal dreams slam

And there in the shadows of dark

You stand. A strange odd quark

I’v come to trust your stark visits

It doesn’t matter, my setting limits

Entering in you seem inauspicious

However; discovered meretricious

And your eyes mystically dreamy

When you speak your words steamy

You call me using your finger folly

Pointing for me to come and follow

And that I do oh angel Santiago

A desperado fallen from Pablo

Up the stairs into the dusty attic

Handing me pictures and relics

Showing me my life so all alone

What I’ve missed and what treasured

And everything sought ill gathered

I swallowed my ego under my tail

And old Picasso fell of the wall’s nail

Cobwebs hung off The Temple of Apollo

He wiped them away and hung it so

Daringly wiping away the thick soot

Never shaming, but showed the dirt

Then sitting at the table ate avocados

He never said a word, he never had to

Loud bravado is not his demeanor

Just a quiet gentlemen who loves me


And when morning comes and I awaken

Wiping my eyes and capture fleeting images

I smile and wonder who he is

Stretching loving life getting out of bed

All day long, I wonder will I see you soon

I’LL pray for lightning and shadows

All of it

But on a Saturday night






Catherine saw him on the street

Thought to herself, he’s familiar

Starring she wasn’t able to stop

Rude as she was, she knew~

I know him

He watched as well at her wondering

Their eyes met, she looked away, chilled

Thought he could he the one who visits

Standing in the shadows

She knew, she knew him

She turns quickly up the alley

Only to find him at the end waiting

Their eyes meet and she felt naked

There was a star floating from him

It dissipated

“What do you want? Why do you follow?

He said nothing. He only held out his hand

His eyes told her a curious story

She read intuitively and then followed

He turned her around to face him

Gave her a locket

With that he turned away silently

Into the street and upon the trolley

Catherine witnessed his every step

Before opening the locket she followed

Running down the iron rails

“Come back!” She yells.

Opening the locket is her young picture

On the other side a boy who looked like her

In wonder and pondering the meaning

Looked back towards that train

Standing in the cabooses window

The gentleman waving goodbye

“Perhaps tomorrow?”



The Lovely Cat Dubois

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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