Tantric Answers



Tantric Answers

Adelaide goes to the fields when lamentable

Melancholic considering all her options

Bemoaning speculating her dilemma

To escape or stay plotting her agenda

The fields glistening in amber lights

Generates truths and mystical responses

Within the field of Elysium are answers

Prudently she must hear the solutions

Is it this or perhaps that way she replies

Discerning the path she must recognize

And the fields of gold whisper the knowledge

She must listen, and she must know well

There is but away that leads her from hell

An Adelaide, she knows, all to well

The wrong decipher continues perdition

“Listen, listen,” she tells herself so transcendental

Unhurried and reverent to the wind in the willows

Collectively deciding to begin a transition

As the breeze told her so

Adelaide knows her answer



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