A Door



Seeing the entrance berfore my feet

A door of wood with ingrained designs

Solid and impressive to stop the way

Perhaps it might, some other day


Stepping forward one step at a time

Slowly inching the way to grasp

The bronze latch seperating me from that

Mattered not for the doors, t’was the way out


It’s grandeur and powerful persuasions daunted

Any passing by for the dawdry unwanted

I couldnt help but want to wander inside

Beyond the veil of human asundries and peer behind


Turning the knob this way and that

Met resistence squirming it about

Breathed in and out gainning strenth to pass

Beyond the entrapment called human life


There is more behind that door

This was no secret for adventuers, for sure

Turning to the right and then to the left

Almost gave up on the mighty quest


Stood back and regained flustered compsure

Tackled the lock with a strong hammer

Though busting the bronzed bolt not so elegantly

Entered the kingdom unannounced you see


But, it mattered not the entrance so gained

A fine crystal glass and a taste of chaimpaign

Awaited me where my placecard sat

“We’ve been waiting for you,” and so

That was that…



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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