Warfare Prayers 



For the Sagittarius angel Avil who sends honesty and perfect perception

Give to XXX that what he needs when they shout destructions

And Ariel, “lion of God” roar the powers of persecution far from his body

Oh Asteraoth, you thwart their evil schemes 

Send them bound by their curing means

Azriel, Angel of destruction, remove their regimes and cause them factual dreams

There stands Balthioul, who calms distress

Send it far away from XXX’s success

Barakiel, please douse him with peace, love and stymy tears and unbelief

Oh Michael set the highway straight

Authenticate their lies and bend into their fate

And we thank you all

For fighting of his behalf

Amen in Yeshua’s name I implore

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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