Peace of God

Have you ever questioned the truth about peace?

Perhaps it is an elusive naive word that doesn’t exist.

Infants understand the realities of Elysian Fields

By three a tyke knows angry voices less quiesce

Voices speak of truce and safety for all mankind 

The words disappear from oceans of ill-willed hate

Intolerance comes from within sacred sanctuaries 

Holy words of no value lest having peace of a mind

And God is behind the loathing of The Daughters of Eve?

Who love each other in a way that I don’t perceive

Who are we that dare utter the heart that God is abhorrent

Oh lord – it is we who’ve caused you to grieve 

And the nations rumble for the true children to birth

Bringing forward humble gracefulness on this earth

The possibilities for this generation to gain insights 

Could it be that one human could change lending mirth

What about ten, twenty, five thousand souls who then see

Reflecting on the noose hung around the branch of a tree 

A person hated because the color of the skin is different 

Eyes wide open, the sins of kin, and self idiosyncrasies 

The question of peace rolls around again and again 

It returns void and useless unless understood by a man 

The way of serenity and tolerance begins with oneself 

Thus the ways of God drown by our actions 

And will then ~ forever wane

For the peace of God begins with ‘we.’

Otherwise, truly peace, will never be 

Bj 2017

10 thoughts on “Peace of God

      1. Will Not Receive My Backing

        Trump will not receive any of my backing,
        While from him are receiving a shellacking;
        Total trouble make;
        Being breath taker;
        Sailboat turned over after all of his tacking.

        Jim Horn

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Our current USA president, was never on my mind when I wrote this. But, the idea of peace was and how we get there is the purpose of this poem. Where does individual peace begin when we, as people, hate anything or anyone. Is peace possible with our prejudices? Is peace a real place or is it heaven and unattainable on earth 🌏


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