War (to understand peace, war must be considered)

War is a division of ideas that demand a right 

It separates the shortest distance between foresight 

It draws a line in stone hearts refusing other freedoms 

It says “it is right” for all who dwell, yet it sends utter dread 

War is a grave of lingering souls found in mausoleums

Though it is temporary, it causes thermonuclear warheads 

War is a battle for peace of mind 

It causes neurons to fire unendingly 

Crazed are they who war day by day

Unstoppable images and accusations play 

Changing health of those and their chemistry 

Battling others for no reason at all it seems 

And war is a word 

It is a feeling of men who are disturbed

Who yield their battles on an innocent world 

Finding peace is the answer often beyond comprehension 

But without earnest seeking mankind might find extinction 

But these few men can’t bridle their urge

Often they lead others into their absurd 

And war is because of a mental disorder 

Selfishness and hatred of lovely brothers 

It is unkind; it is hatred where in there’s narcissism 

Seeking itself and manifesting nihilism 

War is not pretty but is repulsive 

It is in itself, ungodly terrorism 

War is the opposite of peace 

Wherein a soulless creature who has no sleep 

Bj 2017
Picture from Pinterest 

9 thoughts on “War (to understand peace, war must be considered)

    1. I don’t know… perhaps we all need to learn something different. Thank you for visiting me and commenting. The way I see it, everyone needs to change.. loved your comment

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  1. Yet Trump does not want to let grand parents come into America who live in other countries. There are more that just physical wars. Their are wars of minds, religions, beliefs and thoughts. A war is a two-sided wall with opposing sides. The same poles of magnets reject each other. Opposites don’t attract but oppose in many cases. An atom has protons, electrons and neurons. What we need is a effective catalyst. It can aid and cause the reaction to take place. Yet, it is never altered in and of itself. The catalyst never rubs anything wrong or causes any friction. We need a White House and Congress full of catalysts. What do you think? Jim Horn.

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