Part two The Prince of Hearts

Hiding among the tall green weeds

Studying the prey, reading biographies 

Finding a link between you and your victim 

Acting as if you’re psychic an angel

Telling tales of the reasons you’re alike 

Truly a poetic magician of keen insights 

You’re not anything like me old slew foot 

Not even the slightest bit of the slippery words 

Rings true to the heart of a captivating red bird

Who lived in a cage with other women fledglings

Now go away and find other tall grass shielding 

Yes, unfortunately you’ll find virginal damsels 

Who hunger for the tender romantic verses 

All lies and deceit meant for the trap of primed love 

You’ll say,”no your the one that I must have.”

The lions pride is truly alluring and another ploy 

One more attempt to capture the vulnerable soul 

Tasty devouring the flesh of the lamed empathy 

That’s what you do, you can’t be helped, pathetic predators 

2017 BoJenn LLC

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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