The Ascension 

Whenever the whispering voice was akin 

Time seemed to stop and all worries disappeared 

It was if another world was at my feet and I was invited 

The doors were open to adventure freely; there I awakened
Thunderstorms moved from where I’d come 

Shaking the distant past, it crumbled there behind me 

No cares or memories of where I’d been pilgriming 

Nothing mattered accepting the mountains without valleys 
The shattered mirror of fainted familiar faces 

Found amongst the shambles of glass and pieces 

Shoutouts called a name that I felt an attachment 

Yet, set mine eyes upon a rainbow of brilliant colors 
Louder called the tiny slivers of mirrored images

“Come back to us, you must not leave, please.” 

Turning to address the pleas, I did earnestly thank them 

Turning towards the lights rays, blinded momentarily 
“But, I must go on my way, there is a rainbow of golden myrrh,

And angelic songs vibrating from the fountains, see friends.”

And a tug of war occurred whilst they yearned their prayers 

The glass faces upon the ground had aromas of frankincense
The junipers lining the path set before the ascent permeated 

The essence of the here and now waged a brittle battle 

A tall man who radiated the warmest smile hugged me 

Giving me a choice, that I’d never seen, displayed majesty 
I looked at the broken mirrored glass 

Saw faces of people from my present past

Heard their love and songs from a place I once belonged 

Inviting me to return home, and then – clearly I did see that 

The children’s eyes were wet with tears of loosing their father so dear
Compassion dwelling in my very soul arose to their immediate attentions 

“Dear ones do not shed another tear, your father is nearby to hold you.

You see, I must transcend the sacred bridge separating man from all eternity 

And I shan’t do it alone without your songs and arms of tender mercies 

So sing me home then I shall find the way, lined by angelic children that love me 

And prayed 

2017 BoJenn 

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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