The Prince of Hearts ♥️ 

There your hands reach out to take me pursuit 

You who haven’t an earthly mother 

Grabbing at my hem, please take your hand away

Drowning your sorrows without my permission is truant

Taking advantage of another, finding the weaknesses 

Is devilish by thoughts and actions dear one 

Yes, life is hardly a picnic for brethren 

However, conmen are ignorant, geniuses 

Preying upon victims seen at a distance 

Magicians of deceitfulness by their actions 

Fall not onto the traps set on a path

They who lay and wait, for their catch

The spider engineers a web of beauty 

How intricate are the avenues of silk

All seems innocent and lovely beyond words 

Watch out! He waits until he reveals his needs 

The victim makes a choice that destines their fate

Shall they succumb to the spiders web of delight 

Or exit quickly without a goodbye 

C-ya! Then yell back confidently , “Hey! Checkmate!’ 

2017 BoJenn LLC

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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