Sunday Morning Reflections 

All delights my heart yearns for are now mine

Open are the portals and a clear pathway to me

Thankful for grace that brought them home

I open them one by one reverently 

Years passed and my doors were shut

Lessons learned unbolted strong locks

The blessings that waited are divine gifts

I open each one in thanksgiving and love 

A child of the kingdom has much to learn 

Perhaps not in one lifetime is Sophia revealed 

Gently she gifts a sojourner’s pilgrimage 

As not to drown out the wisdom bestowed 

Each golden nugget is cherished and refreshed 

Dusting off any cobwebs from forgetting 

Holding wisely each monumental turn

Each box finished is decorated, not returned 

I can’t bestow it to you my friend 

My lessons learned are not yours, you know

Rest assured when traveling the paths you take 

Have pretty boxes awaiting you at your place 

One day we shall complete the souls road

And compare our stories with the lessons told

The medals of valor and crowns on our heads

Won’t matter much because that’s behind 

Where now we see where once were we blind 

2017 BJ
Imagine compliments of A Poets Haven

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