You just need a hand to stroke your head
You only need a tender voice that tolerates your soul

You need a hug to say, “you’re swell.”

You need a mother who loves you and tucks you in bed
Yearning at the moonlight and begging for relief

Pleading with the stars for a reason from your grief

Feeling beyond what this fleshly body that captures

Desiring freedom from the entrapment of the gravity
You want to fly beyond the wildest imagination

And why are you held below the lowest atmosphere

When you are meant for flight to hither tither and yon

Chained from rapture and left to learn, how to live and survive
Breathe in and out controlling your soulish wanting

Finding later, than sooner it comes by thankfulness

The doors open when forgiveness begins blooming

Rays of sunlight illuminate all the wanting to escape
Thus peaceful energy arrives when you discover that your human


BJ 2017<<<<<<
e compliments of A Poets Haven<<<<<

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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